Cyber War, Kinetic War and “Kinetic-Cyber War”

by edwardmroche

Cyber war takes place within the bits traversing the world’s information and telecommunications infrastructure.  Software can be corrupted, information stolen, information systems compromised.  There generally is no physical effect of cyber war, but there always is a large information effect.

Kinetic war is the term used for blowing things up.  Shooting people, or equipment.  Bombs, rockets, artillery shells, rail guns.  This is kinetic war.

The Russian Federation is experimenting with a Istrebitel Sputnikov, a “satellite killer”.  The object of this equipment is to destroy telecommunications networks.  It will do this by some type of kinetic force. It sill shoot and destroy satellites.

The United States is orbiting approximately 549 satellites.  China has 142.  Russia has 131.  The United Kingdom has 40.  India has 33.  All of this very expensive equipment is vulnerable.  But it is not the satellites themselves that will be the true targets of this new warfare in outer space.  Instead, it will be the information and telecommunications systems that they support.

The Pax Caelestis is dead.  We now must face “Kinetic-Cyber War”.